Make IT HAppen

Maxwee technologies was founded in 2008 as an alternaitve to pricey IT consulting firms. since those humble beginnings, maxwee has grown to become one of the most trusted names in information technology. offering managed it services and world class marketing experience to southern california.  

Exploring Solutions

We are always researching the latest trends in tech and marketing. Staying constantly up-to date and making sure we can provide the best service and solutions to our customers.


We design and build all our websites in house. Guaranteed to be compaible with all modern smart devices and modern web browsers.

Make Dreams Reality

Allow us to make your marketing goals a reality. Allow our years of experience to develop and implement a successful plan. 

About our Services

We offer managed IT services to small and large organizations. We guarantee success for the projects that we work on.
Nothing is too complex or too small for us. Let us help you succeed and reach all your infrastructure and marketing goals.

Customer Satisfaction

We are comitted to bringing our customers the best value at the best prices. 

Credit Cards & PayPal

Various payment methods are accepted. Short and long term service contracts are also available.

Guaranteed Service

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with our service. Allow us to fill the vital IT need in your organization.